Catpeople Are Real

Raising Awareness For non-humans and half-humans of all kinds!!!!


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Shadow The Dog


well how i became Shadow the dog is from RPing with people and i made it for my character.
I love mainly Centaurs and Nagas, and do not remember my past..

Wolf Rex


Not Yet Determined



Hi I'm Rogelio and I love anime and manga, I hope to get along with everyone in this group

Ningen Neko

Admin 4

Hi I'm Ningen Neko. I am half human half catboy, was born in a very small town. I was abandon when I was five, so I had to learn how to survive on my own. I now live in a slightly bigger town alone with the support of Prince Jewel.
Thanks to him i am a LIT/Leader In Training..



I am just an ordinary person, I am willing to help if I can!! So don't be afraid to ask!
Have wonderful day/night!!!
Wolf's Rain